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Tiny tach hook up

06-Jun-2017 14:47


Home › Tiny tach hook up. Image xwPWIl jpg Blowsion com. TINY TACH Tachometer for rc gas boats lawn mowers dgers etc one to a new tach cable With everything else pretty much eliminated the worst case scenario was about the only one left The tachometer drive on the. Hand-Held Tiny-Tach. Wireless tach for hh RPM engines. Wireless tach for hh RPM engines. Part 1 Finally found the truth about hooking an old school tach to the LS/Vortec engine family. My combo 2000 Tahoe 5.3 factory computer. The Tach needs the adjustable switch for 4, 6, or 8 cylinders to hook up directly.


Tiny tach hook up

With the tiny tach and the TTO I tried every combination from 1/2" long parallel to plug wire to 2" long parallel 1 wrap to 6. Don’t hook up a tach to. As you all know I'm putting in a 351W. Took all the computer wiring out. Is there any way to wire up the stock tach? I have a MSD nition and Coil. I Re "Tiny Tach" on larger outboards. Well I ordered a Works Connection tachometer. It should arrive in a few days. After I hook it up and try it out on the lake I will post back here and give a product review based on how it works on my outboard.


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Hook the tach wire up to the male end on the distributor cap you'll have to route it through the firewall. Hook the positive up to a nearby wire or open spot in your fuse box. That is how I hooked my tachometer up to in my 1998 Ranger with the 2.3L. TINY-TACH. Tachometer and Hour meter. • 0 to 19,999 RPM Display • 1/2 Second RPM Update • Resettable Job Timer • Total Hours. TINY-TACH 2A - Adjustable Model Can be used on most engines from single cylinder lawn mowers up to V8 engines.


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I'm going to hook the tach up to my Chevelle and see if it still works and then order the adapter. How to on hooking up a tach through the alternator