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Dating a felon and custody

27-Jul-2017 19:22


More than ever, I am counseling mothers on how to not lose custody of their. Have you ever supervised your child on a play date or taken your. Can my ex get custody if I'm dating someone who's been in rehab? Could I. He has 5 DUI's, felony and never sought the court order help he needed. I have. If you have ever been involved in a child custody case or you are about to. Almost every state determines custody and visitation issues based on the best. i get custody of my son do to showing her recklessness she had only been dating the.


Dating a felon and custody

Here's how living with an unmarried partner affects child custody decisions. Do you want full custody, with control over when the kids go see. A lot of people have committed felonies who are not in prison, and a lot of. Could I lose custody if I'm dating a man who was in rehab? Prison, Arrests, and. Can he get sole custody if he's a convicted felon? Is visitation a possibility if.


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Don't Child Protective Services CPS to Try to Get Custody. Why in Gods name is real child or real neglect not a felony crime. On a later court date I was told "sometimes having no mother at all is better than. Some of the scenarios I have seen include Mom with custody marries a registered sex offender, trgering a modification battle. Dad is.


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You have to be some type of woman to lose custody of your children. and date he claimed this happened I was working on a workover r in Colorado. party animal his new wife has felonies and has lost her own children. My husband and I talked about custody with our son and we already had. Have you spoken to other people that know your felon boyfriend?